Verifying Your Identity with the EDD

With millions of Californians needing to claim unemployment benefits, the system is unfortunately open to fraudulent claims and attempts to unlawfully obtain benefits.

The Employment Development Department of California (“EDD”) manages the distribution of benefits and may occasionally require claimants to verify their identity in order to prevent, as far as possible, attempts to defraud the system.

So, how do you verify your identity with the EDD and when should you consider pursuing an appeal if your application is denied?

How To Verify Your Identity With the EDD

If you have been asked to verify your identity before the EDD can continue with your claim for unemployment benefits, you can now manage this request online at UI Online.

You simply need to register and create a Benefit Programs Online Account. Once you have done this, you can log in and select “upload documents” from the homepage. Follow the instructions on this page as to how to complete the process.

On the “gather your documents” page there is information about what Identification documents the EDD will accept and how to complete the process. Review this page carefully and upload one form of photo ID and another form of ID. Please note that a Social Security Card will not be accepted as a second ID document.

When you’ve got your documents ready, and the files are in the correct format to upload, move on the next page where you will see an electronic “request for identity document” form. Accept the terms and conditions to continue.

Review the page carefully and upload the document here. There is a drop-down box where you can see acceptable documents. Select the type of document you wish to upload by clicking on the paperclip icon. Choose the correct file and either tell the form you are done or upload another file. Once all of your files are uploaded, select done.

When you’ve completed this process, check the boxes and sign to say you have finished. Complete all of the personal details as requested and submit the form. The EDD will then receive this and make their decision on whether the documents are correct to verify your claim.

When Should You Appeal A Denial Of Unemployment Benefits?

You can be denied unemployment benefits for a variety of reasons. For example, if you choose to quit your job voluntarily or you fail to meet the income requirements, you might be refused.

If your claim is denied and you feel that there is information that the EDD should know which would change the outcome of their decision, you have 20 days to file your appeal. For example, something along the lines of needing to give up you job due to it making you unwell might be a good enough reason for the appeal to succeed. Appeals will be taken on an case by case basis.

What Should You Do If You Need Help With The Above?

If you need any further assistance on completing any of the above processes, there is information on the EDD website which will help and guidance steps on what you need to do to complete them. 

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