Overpayments, Risks of Backdating, and Training Extensions

The video below will help you learn more about overpayments, risks of backdating, and training extensions. You may not know about overpayments, but they can still affect your ability to receive benefits for paid family leave (PFL) and more. Thanks to the knowledge and experience of our team, you can easily understand topics that you may run into with the California Employment Development Department (EDD).

Come listen to our founding attorney, Assaf Lichtash, discuss overpayments, the risks of backdating, and training extensions. For example, the interview below will give you a closer look at the potential issues with backdating your claim to an earlier date. You will also get a deeper look at how training extensions can help you prepare for the time your extensions run out. Click on the video below to learn more today. You don’t have to specialize in EDD overpayments and other benefits topics to get the assistance you deserve.

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