What Makes You Eligible for Unemployment in California?

Losing your job can be devastating, but unemployment wages can help you get through this rough patch in your life. However, you may need to determine if you can receive these benefits. Read below to learn what makes you eligible for unemployment in California.

Requirements for Benefits

California’s Employment Development Department (EDD) has many requirements to be eligible for unemployment in California. These include being completely or at least partly unemployed and having earned enough over 12 months for a claim.

However, you cannot collect benefits if you lose your job because of wrongful behavior. You should also be able to take on new work and accept a position immediately if you receive an offer from an employer.

What You Should Do if You Quit or Got Fired

If you quit your job or your employer fires you, you should not give up hope of receiving benefits. You have the option of having a phone interview with the EDD. During this time, you can talk about your claim.

Those who quit must prove to the EDD that they had a justifiable reason for leaving their jobs. However, when it comes to firings, the burden of proof falls upon your employer, who must show that they had good reason for terminating your employment.

What You Need To Do When Receiving Benefits

If the EDD decides you qualify for unemployment benefits, you will still have requirements that you need to meet. Not only must you be available for work and ready to accept it, but you must submit a certification every two weeks.

In this certification, you must confirm your unemployment status and that you are still entitled to your benefits. In addition, you will likely need to submit a resume that potential employers can look at and conduct an adequate search for a new job. You can maintain a record of this search as evidence if needed.

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