A Quick Guide To Speed Up the Unemployment Benefits Process

Being unemployed is no fun for anyone. During this difficult time, you will be searching for a new job while awaiting your unemployment benefits so you can gain some extra support. If you are looking for ways to make payments arrive more efficiently, check out this quick guide to speed up the unemployment benefits process.

Use the Fastest Application Process

One way you can speed up the process is by using the fastest way to apply for benefits in California, which is via the web. Although you can apply by phone or even by fax or mail, the Employment Development Department (EDD) recommends using the UI Online website, which you can access via your computer or mobile device.

Review EDD Documents

The EDD takes at least three weeks to process unemployment benefit claims and send payments to eligible workers, so you must review documents from the EDD and report any inaccuracies as soon as possible. By doing so, you will help prevent the department from delaying or denying your benefits.

For example, if you receive a claim filing notice, be sure to review it and contact EDD within 10 days of the mail date to let them know if anything is incorrect. In addition, use the department’s continued claim form to qualify for your benefits every two weeks so they continue to send you payments.

Check Your Status and Post Your Résumé

Another tip for speeding up the unemployment benefits process is to check your UI Online homepage for notifications. If you discover you have a “pending” status, you must confirm your identity or eligibility with EDD. If you do not, it will cause a delay in your payments.

It is also important to add or update your résumé on the CalJOBS website within 21 days of applying. Otherwise, EDD may delay or deny your benefits, preventing you from getting the support you desperately need as you search for a new job.

If you have followed all these steps and believe the department has unfairly denied you benefits, contact Pershing Square Law Firm. Our team has handled thousands of appeals in cases with EDD lawyers and maintained a strong success rate in helping people win back their benefits.

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