What Can Disqualify You From Unemployment Benefits

Many of us have found ourselves let go from a job without much warning or time to prepare for the unknown. When our employers let us go, we have to understand that it isn’t personal. Even if that’s the case, it can still feel incredibly devastating as we manage the unforeseen. Thankfully we can find a little cushion in unemployment benefits as we navigate the future.

Learn what can disqualify you from those unemployment benefits.

Dismissal Due to Misconduct

You could find yourself without employment benefits if you were dismissed from your previous job due to misconduct. The state of California defines misconduct as willful recklessness that disregards the obligations of your role. You must have had the intent to affect the professional interests of your employer in a negative way.

Not Looking for Work

The purpose of unemployment benefits is to support you if your job dismisses you. During that time, unemployment benefits will help you search for a new job. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that not looking for work can disqualify you from unemployment benefits. That’s also why you won’t be eligible for the benefits if you quit your job.

Recently Working

If you have been out of work for quite some time, you are unfortunately not eligible for unemployment benefits. In order to collect unemployment, you must have been let go from your job fairly recently. Moreover, you must meet the base period, which is the amount of time during which you have earned enough wages to qualify for unemployment benefits. That base period varies from state to state.

If you believe you are unlawfully being denied unemployme

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