4 Tips for Job Searching While on Unemployment

Losing a job is tough, but finding a new one is possible. Step back into the workforce by following good advice. Read our four tips for job searching while on unemployment right now!

Don’t Stick to One Job Search Method

There are many ways to find a job, so don’t limit your search to one platform or method. Branch out and allocate your time toward various resources. For example, use America’s Job Center of California (AJCC) job search database to find opportunities.

Visit your local community center, job center, and city hall to find opportunities. Reach out to family and friends to gain leads on jobs as well. The more you branch out, the more employment prospects you encounter.

Update Your Resume and Profiles

Updating your resume and social media profiles is a smart tip for job searching while on unemployment. It’s best to revisit your resume every six months and refresh the document. Now more than ever, creating an updated resume with relevant work experience is critical. Highlight your recent jobs and make sure the page is error-free. The last things you want are inconsistencies on the sheet.

It’s best to update online profiles. LinkedIn is an employment-focused social media platform that many professionals use. You can network with people and view job opportunities. Put your best foot forward with a professional page and attract potential employers.

Be Intentional With Your Applications

Applying to every job or giving your resume to every employer isn’t an effective job search method. Be intentional with your applications and apply for jobs that align with your skills, background, location, and experience. After all, how promising is an in-person job in Iowa if you live in California?

Be open to new opportunities but remain realistic about career expectations. Read job descriptions and make sure you meet standard requirements.

Actively Network Online and In-Person

The old saying, "It's not about what you know, but who you know," applies to job searching. Sometimes, open positions aren't listed online. When you meet with professionals in person, they'll give insight into employment opportunities. Networking is essential for all industries, and getting your foot in the door doesn't hurt. Chat with people on LinkedIn, Indeed, and other job search sites. You never know what lies ahead!

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