Benefits of Hiring an Attorney for Your Unemployment Case

Having someone on your side is great for all legal cases, including unemployment ones. To understand why attorneys are helpful, read these benefits of hiring an attorney for your unemployment case. Remember to consider Pershing Square Law Firm for your legal needs!

They Have Experience With Cases

Appealing EDD decisions are a common occurrence as the department fails to deliver benefits to qualified claimants. Dealing with benefit denial is frustrating, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the EDD’s processes. Fortunately, attorneys have experience with various unemployment cases. Although all situations aren’t the same, professionals evaluate past cases and create a course of action for your claim.

Attorneys Advocate for You

Battling the legal system is tough. Therefore, it’s best to have a skilled professional on your side. Good attorneys advocate for you! They want the best outcome, so they carefully evaluate your claim and express why the EDD is wrong. Their legal background helps your case as they find evidence to support your appeal.

Offer a Realistic Outlook on Your Case

You should hire an attorney for your unemployment case because they offer a realistic outlook on your situation. The EDD denies people UI benefits for various reasons. If they suspect you do not qualify for benefits, the department will quickly deny your claim. Attorneys catch discrepancies on your part and highlight disqualifications. They can evaluate your case and offer advice on what to do next.

They Will Represent You in Appeal Hearings

An attorney supports your case by representing you in the appeal hearing. The EDD gives you the opportunity to show evidence and explain why denying your benefits was a wrong decision. Instead of discussing information alone, your attorney will talk to the judge. This collaboration brings you closer to benefits!

You Can Receive Benefits Faster

Don’t miss out on thousands of dollars by accepting the EDD’s decision to deny your UI benefits. You can receive benefits faster with an attorney. They will assess your claim and important documents to pinpoint the EDD’s mistakes. With a positive court outcome, you’ll receive financial benefits.

Pershing Square Law Firm has the best unemployment attorneys in California. With advanced collaboration and expertise, we push for the best legal outcome. Call us today for a free consultation.

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