What Is the EDD Questionnaire, and Should You Complete It?

California’s EDD (Employment Development Department) wrongfully denies benefits to many qualified claimants. To speed up the benefits determination process, the EDD sends out written questionnaires. If you want to know what the EDD questionnaire is and whether you should complete it, read this guide.

What Is the EDD Certification Questionnaire?

To speed up the process of determining unemployment benefits, the EDD will mail written fact-finding questionnaires to claimants who don’t have scheduled telephone interviews. Applicants are required to answer the following EDD certification questions to declare that they meet eligibility criteria:

  • Were you too sick or injured to work?
  • Was there any reason (other than sickness or injury) that you could not accept full-time work each workday?
  • Did you look for work?
  • Did you refuse any work?
  • Did you begin any kind of schooling or training?
  • Did you work or earn any money?

Who Gets an Interview or Questionnaire?

Typically, the EDD requires an eligibility determination interview or questionnaire for claimants who provided wage information that didn’t match their employer’s information. In addition, interviews gather information such as the reason for leaving a job and if the claimant voluntarily quit. It’s important to note that benefits are for people who lose their jobs through no fault of their own.

Should You Complete the EDD Questionnaire?

The EDD can get more insight into your specific situation if you complete the questionnaire, but there is a tricky aspect to this action. Depending on your answers, the EDD may retroactively deny your benefits and require you to pay back benefits you previously received. And if you file an appeal, your questionnaire may appear in the appeal file. Therefore, closely examining your situation before completing the questionnaire is important. Thankfully, you can contact an EDD attorney in Los Angeles for a consultation on your case.

After learning what the EDD questionnaire is and whether you should complete it, you hopefully understand this concept better. And before you consider completing the questionnaire, please contact Pershing Square Law Firm. We will give you a free consultation on your case.

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