How a Lawyer Can Help You With Unemployment

Unemployment benefits provide financial security for workers who find themselves unemployed. However, the EDD may deny a person’s benefits. Fortunately, someone can help. Keep reading to learn how a lawyer can help you with unemployment today!

Offer Legal Advice

You may not know how to deal with a denial of unemployment benefits from the EDD. With various reasons why you can’t receive benefits, you may benefit from an experienced lawyer who can offer insight, legal advice, or a consultation. In some cases, the EDD can disqualify you for benefits because of issues with prior claims or incorrect documentation. A lawyer can assess your case and tell you if it’s worth filing an appeal.

Help You File an EDD Appeal

If you disagree with your notice of determination from the EDD, a lawyer can help you file an appeal. Of course, you must complete the necessary paperwork for the appeal and wait for an official hearing. But a lawyer can help you with unemployment by gathering evidence and presenting your case. Lawyers anticipate different scenarios with your legal situation, and they will work to compile evidence that can help you receive your benefits.

Help You Receive Benefits Faster

Fighting the EDD alone is hard. And dealing with unemployment is hard, especially when you don’t receive benefits. An experienced lawyer can help you obtain benefits faster because they will work with your case. In some instances, you can miss out on benefits by failing to submit certain documents or leaving out information in your appeal hearing. Fortunately, lawyers will make sure you present everything that will help your legal situation.

Who To Call?

If you’re looking for an EDD lawyer in California, you should call Pershing Square Law Firm. As California’s premier law firm for EDD matters, Pershing has a team of experienced lawyers who can help you. Don’t face the EDD alone and miss out on your benefits. Instead, enlist our ser

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