5 Mistakes To Avoid When Appealing EDD Unemployment Denial

Receiving unemployment benefits denial from the Employment Development Department (EDD) can be confusing and frustrating. Luckily, if you feel the denial is wrongful, you can and should appeal it in court. However, simple mistakes can hurt your chances of success. So, read the tips below to learn the top mistakes to avoid when appealing EDD unemployment denial.

Refusing Job Opportunities

To qualify for unemployment benefits, you must prove—despite not having a job—you’re looking for a new one. If you’re not looking for a new place to work, you’ll receive an unemployment benefits denial, resulting in a troubling appeal process. Refusing work will also reflect poorly on your case. However, if you’re leading a proactive search for new employment, have the proof ready for your EDD unemployment appeal.

Rushing Your Lawyer Search

Instead of choosing a lawyer who is quick to find or cheap to hire, take your time to find the right match. When you’re searching for a reputable unemployment attorney, look into their years of experience. Ensuring they have a valid license is necessary when looking for any type of attorney. If you don’t know someone who can’t recommend the right attorney for the case, carefully peruse local options online.

Not Being Proactive

During unemployment denial appeals, it’s crucial to take the process seriously. After all, you’re going through this process because you feel the denial is wrongful, so you’ll have to work to show that in court—hence the need for an excellent lawyer.

At Pershing Square Law Firm, we can provide you with a collaborative unemployment benefits lawyer. That said, both you and your lawyer are vital to winning the appeal. So, instead of putting everything on their shoulders, find a reputable lawyer and consistently collaborate with them.

Not Preparing All the Documents

Analyzing your earnings during your previous job is necessary for determining unemployment qualifications. However, other than the earnings history, documentation regarding your phone number, an ongoing job search, and relevant evidence to the case are all vital, too. When in doubt, consult your lawyer to ensure you have all the necessary documents.

Filing the Appeal Too Late

One of the top mistakes to avoid when appealing EDD unemployment denials is filing too late. Acting quickly is vital because there is a specific window in which you can file appeals. Once an EDD unemployment denial notification reaches your home, you must submit the appeal within 30 days. Although late submissions are possible, don’t rely on that fact; not everyone is eligible for late appeals.

Pershing Square Law Firm is here to help you through the entire EDD appeal process. Call us today to schedule an appointment to evaluate your case!

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