PSLF Collaborates with State Legislators' Offices

While our economy continues to be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the EDD struggles to quickly and effectively process hundreds of thousands of applications for benefits.

We often receive reports from clients whose benefits are held back by the EDD without cause. This typically occurs when a technical problem (not a legal one) is keeping the EDD from releasing payment. Since it is nearly impossible for clients to reach the EDD by telephone to resolve such issues, we work with their State Assembly represenetative to reach the EDD. Each California State Assembly representative office has a liasion with the EDD who can help resolve non-legal obstructions. So far, we have had much success releasing some severely obstructed cases and we will continue to work with our clients' representatives to resolve as many cases as possible.

Despite the many problems that malaign California's benefit system, we are committed to obtaining the highest payout for our clients as quickly as possible.

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